6 Things to do in Southwest FL in the Winter

Throughout most of the winter in Southwest Florida, the weather outside is delightful. It's a great time to plan your trip to Fort Myers. Escape the snow and cold to enjoy wonderful dining, shelling on warm beaches, strolling through art fairs and farmers' markets, and experiencing things unique to Fort Myers!

Go for a Bike Ride

Winter biking is definitely an option–but instead of struggling to pedal over slippery ice and snow, you can bike during the winter months in Florida. The sand of Fort Myers Beach offers hard-packed sand to ride on, or you can opt for the 25 miles of bike paths on Sanibel Island.

If walking is more your speed, there are tons of walking trails for you to choose from. You can even take a free Indigo Trail Walk every Friday from 10-11:30 a.m. through April 21st. Naturalists lead a tour and discuss and identify the area's ecosystem and animal species.

Spend Time with Nature

In colder climates, wildlife tends to hibernate and hide away. Some animals love the relaxed Fort Myers paradise as much as we do. Spend time admiring the many types of migratory birds that flock to our beaches in the winter months–as well as manatees that love basking in our warm waters during winter.

Get to the Beach

One of the best things about Southwest Florida in the winter is that you can still enjoy the naturally beautiful beaches. With so many amazing beaches to choose from, finding an ideal spot to lounge in the sand is a cinch. Once you find your perfect spot, try building a sandman instead of a snowman–shell eyes and driftwood for a nose!

Get on the Water

In Southwest Florida, there is only one place the ice belongs–in your drink. Take a dip in the warm Gulf waters and enjoy activities and water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, jet-skiing, and fishing. You can also get an eyeful of natural beauty, wildlife, and scenery by boat!

Hit the Golf Course

Southwest Florida has tons of golf facilities to suit any golfer–with public, semi-private, and private options. The city of Fort Myers owns two professionally designed, 18-hole golf courses.

A Unique Indoor Experience

The weather in Southwest Florida in the wintertime is almost always wonderful–but on the off chance that it isn't, you'll want to have some indoor fun in your back pocket.

Enjoy a mouthwatering five-course meal as you tour scenic Southwest Florida along the historic Seminole Gulf Railway. All the while, an elaborate murder mystery will be unraveling in the aisles for you to solve. Do you have what it takes to figure out whodunnit?

Adults and kids alike will be fully entertained. If living out a game of Clue isn’t your idea of fun, but the rest of your group can't wait to tap into their inner Sherlock, surely the themed cocktails can keep you entertained.

The murder mystery shows are changing often to keep repeat customers guessing, and there are special holiday events too! View the full train schedule or call to book today.