Team Building Event Ideas

Team building is necessary for workplace growth and company success. Unfortunately, team-building events can often be underwhelming. If you're interested in cooperation and forming a great professional relationship between co-workers, here's a list of awesome team-building ideas to bring some fun to your next business event.

5. Trivia Challenge

The best part of a trivia team-building challenge is that you can tailor the trivia to fit your group. The idea is to have your employees form smaller teams and go head to head in various trivia categories. Mix up the categories and teams so that every team has an "expert" in each round. The teams can vote and nominate a captain to delegate the category assignments–or each person can be responsible for identifying their own strengths. There's a lot of flexibility with a trivia team bonding event!

4. Office Olympics

Chances are, your employees have many skills that don't often come out during the workday. That doesn't mean these skills aren't valuable for the team or company. A team-building event that can bring some of these skills to light is an office olympics. Completing the olympics requires the ability to follow directions, discuss approaches and ideas thoughtfully, and see the big picture of an outcome. Every employee is able to utilize their mental and physical skills to compete as members of a team and have so much fun they forget they're at work.

3. Scavenger Hunt

The perfect excuse to get out in the fresh air–a scavenger hunt team-building event. A scavenger hunt is also a chance to test out your employee's skillsets in a new environment. Cooperation and critical thinking are crucial aspects of any workplace, and this can be an opportunity to refresh those skills in a fun way by following written clues to locate objects or destinations. Dividing your team into smaller groups is a good way to see who works well together and can give you ideas for improving office dynamics.

2. Cooperative Cooking

Cooking as a group is one of the most difficult things you can do. There are so many moving parts to following a recipe and some extremely relevant team-building skills come into play in the kitchen environment. Break your employees out into small groups and have them each follow the same, moderately difficult recipe. Each team member will have to work together to follow directions, delegate tasks, and communicate to complete the recipe. Finish off the day by enjoying the fruits of your labor and discussing how the exercise challenged your team.

1. Solve a Murder Mystery

To hone in on your team's critical thinking, communication, and creative problem-solving skills, a murder mystery adventure is the perfect team bonding activity to check off those boxes. On this 40-mile route beginning and ending at Colonial Station in Fort Myers, your team will enjoy a fancy meal on a train while unlocking their inner super sleuth. As your team watches a murder mystery unfold, you'll be given clues to decipher and attempt to uncover the truth! This team-building activity will ensure your group is fully entertained while they build valuable skills. Give us a call today to book your seat! The mystery awaits.