Company History Feature: How did the Murder Mystery Dinner Train Begin?

In November of 1987, Seminole Gulf Railway acquired 118 miles of CSX trackage between North Naples and Arcadia, and between Oneco and Sarasota. Today, the railway hauls much of the region's LP gas, building materials, recycled materials, plastics, newsprint, steel, and other commodities.

In addition to providing traditional rail freight transportation, Seminole Gulf provides other vital supply chain solutions for Southern Florida. These include regional trucking and logistical services, as well as warehousing and distribution from its frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods distribution centers in Miami, North Fort Myers, and Lakeland.

The First Murder Mystery on the Seminole Express

In January of 1991, Seminole Gulf Railway started The Dinner Train. Soon thereafter, the first Murder Mystery Production, "Murder on the Seminole Express" debuted. It was an instant success. Other popular trips followed, such as the Christmas Rail/Boat Trip to Punta Gorda that has become an annual event for many guests.

About the Ride

The train seats up to 216 passengers throughout five reconditioned vintage railcars from the 1930s to the 1950s, "Pine Island", "Sanibel", "Marco", "Gasparilla" and "Captiva". All food is prepared fresh daily onboard the train in the "Marco" kitchen and brought to your table by our dedicated staff. While you enjoy your meal, our talented cast will unravel a murder mystery right before your eyes.

The 30th Season of Murder

For thirty years now, The Murder Mystery Dinner Train has hosted nearly one million patrons–premiering almost 200 original murder mystery productions.

Some crowd favorites from this year include:
  • Sing Me a Murder: In the 1890s, Jack the Ripper has emerged from the shadows, this time, to torture the people of Charleston, SC. Having left behind a wake of bodies in Nashville, St. Louis, and Chicago, the vicious murderer remains on the loose, befuddling police in every city.

For more insight into our show, Sing Me a Murder, check out Actor John E. Repa's Super Sleuth Spotlight.

  • Murder Wrap: Famed movie director Woz Agoule is headed to Miami with his leading lady, Marilyn Tucker, to shoot his newest film, “Mummies of the Full Moon.”

Joining them on the train are three others, each with a lucrative motive. Their nemesis, Louisa Ostello, has her eyes and ears peeled for juicy Hollywood gossip. Notorious treasure hunter Gracie Babbitt is hot on the trail of the lost Onyx Ankh. And acclaimed archeologist Dr. Jackson Simon is searching for something of even greater value yet!

Unbeknownst to them, however, a powerful being has also boarded the train, and its presence can only mean one thing...

Showing now through November 21st!

Looking Forward

A staff favorite premiering on 11/24:
  • Wicked Winter Wonderland: Alice, now a grown woman, has received an invitation to the Christmas Ball. It has been many years since Alice has visited Wonderland, but the magical land was never far from her mind. Forgetting the powers of the looking glass, silly Alice steps through the mirror and straight onto the compartment of a moving train.

Book your tickets for the most unique Christmas experience in Fort Myers! Showing November 24th through December 24th.