How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Fancy hosting your very own murder mystery party? Well, you're in luck because the murder mystery experts have the perfect beginner's guide to how you can get started.

Pick a Theme

When selecting a theme, think about how many guests you're planning to invite and what their interests are. A good theme can make or break the success of your murder mystery event. Do your guests like certain mystery movies, books, tv shows, or podcasts that you can take inspiration from?

Examine all your common interests and eliminate any ideas that don't have enough characters for your number of guests. Then, from the remaining ideas, select a theme that most interests you!

Some popular choices include Harry Potter, the 1920's/Gatsby, CSI, Marvel superheroes, and much more.

Create a Storyline

Now that you have selected a theme, it's time to express your creativity and write a killer storyline.

Any good murder mystery story needs a beginning, middle, and end. The most important aspects will be an introduction that draws your guests in, in-depth description cards for each character so party goers can fully immerse themselves in who they are for the evening, and evidence cards–vital clues to assist your guests in uncovering the murderer.

Lastly, you will need solution cards from which you'll read when the guests come to their conclusions.

Invite Your Suspects

As is the case with any party, you will need invitations. With this party in particular, though, you can get especially creative.

If done well, your invitations will set the tone for a successful night long before your guests even arrive. If you'd like to design your own invitations, you can get crafty with old-fashioned paper tools such as ink, paper, and calligraphy pens.

Or you might opt for an easier option such as a free online design tool.

Your invitations will need to include the party's date, time, place, and RSVP information The RSVP portion is vital. How can you assign characters if you have an extra guest or one who's missing?

This is also a great place to include other information such as costume details.

Grab Your Costumes

One of the most important parts of getting into character is getting into costume! You can either choose to supply costumes for your guests or have them provide their own.

Make a comprehensive list of the characters and assign them to your guests with each character. It might be a good idea to identify each character with a specific piece of clothing that is distinguishable.


Consider what objects and decor will make your theme feel more realistic.

Some simple decor ideas can include tablecloths in a color associated with your theme, ceiling hangings or banners, a sign on the wall, themed cutlery, table centerpieces, etc.

Don't Forget the Food

No murder mystery party is complete without food.

You'll want your guests to be satisfied with lots of snacks and refreshments. Whether you decide to provide light snacks or a sit-down meal, ensure that it's appropriate for your party theme.

Skip all the Effort, Join us on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train

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