Super Sleuth Spotlight: Mary Rose, SPY Noir

Meet Mary, an actress who has graced the cars of the Seminole Gulf Murder Mystery Dinner Train for over a year and a half. From holiday-themed shows to periodic pieces set in the 20s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, Mary has embodied a wide variety of different characters. But Murder Most Elite is one Mary fondly regards as one of her favorites.

Introducing Doreen O'Donnell

In the current production, SPY Noir, Mary brings to life Doreen O'Donnell, the seemingly demure secretary to Detective Hugh Le Deux in this 1950s-themed thriller. However, don't be fooled by her façade; Doreen is a sassy and skillful CIA operative. From her cat-eye glasses to her kitten heels, Doreen's style mirrors her character—fun, quirky, and undeniably snappy. From her cat-eye glasses to her kitten heels, Doreen's style mirrors her character—fun, quirky, and undeniably snappy.

The Allure of Period Pieces

Renowned as the "vintage girl" on set, Mary reveals that the charm of period pieces lies in their unique fashion and the nostalgic aura they evoke. This is especially true for the Dinner Train where the vintage feel of the train, coupled with the attention to detail in costumes and props, brings the era to life.

Mary's Favorite Costumes

When asked about her favorite costumes, Mary finds it hard to choose just one. It's a tie between Sovereign Moritori, a steampunk-inspired character from Murder Most Elite, and Lillie Callahan, a vibrant character from the '60s-inspired Lady Killer who sported a ponytail, hot pink tights, and gogo boots–which Mary ended up purchasing. Mary sometimes adds a personal touch to her character's outfits, embellishing them with her own shoes or accessories.

Murder Mystery Classics: From Parties to Peacock

If Mary were to host her own murder mystery party, she would opt for an Old Hollywood theme set in the 1950s. Drawing inspiration from true stories, including the life of Elizabeth Taylor, Mary envisions a grand event draped in glitz and glamour.

Mary's love for classic board games is evident when asked about her favorite 'Clue' character. Although Ms. Scarlett, the fiery femme fatale, is a crowd favorite, Mary is equally drawn to the sophisticated and composed Mrs. Peacock.

Preparing for a New Acting Role

To prepare for a role, Mary relies heavily on her co-actors. Interacting with them helps her step into her character's shoes. The magic truly happens after the opening night, where the immersion in the scene brings her character to life.

Audience Reaction to SPY Noir

'SPY Noir' has been a hit with audiences, with its elements of mystery, humor, and intrigue. The show embodies the quintessential elements of a murder mystery, keeping audiences entertained and engrossed throughout.

A Hint for Solving SPY Noir–Book Your Tickets Today!

Mary advises audiences to expect the unexpected. Every character has something unique about them that can change the course of the show.

SPY Noir is set to continue thrilling audiences until September 3rd. If you're eager to immerse yourself in a world of spies, detectives, double agents, and, of course, meet the fantastic Mary, book your tickets now!