Super Sleuth Spotlight: Actress Kristen Wilson–Murder Most Elite

Super Sleuth Spotlight: Actress Kristen Wilson–Murder Most Elite

Welcome to the world of Murder Most Elite, a comical take on the original crime-fighting duo out to solve the murder of someone most elite. On the Murder Mystery Dinner Train, we journey back to the Edwardian Era aboard a royal wedding reception train that is to be the highlight of the European social calendar.

His Royal Highness of Bohemia, Otto Von Scaramouch Fandango Galileo Figaro, has hired the famous consulting detective, Sherwood Elmes, to serve as his bodyguard. Along with his most trusted companion and biographer–Dr. James Watkins, Lady Kildonan, her wild Scottish servant Morgana N. Morgana, and a young lady with a questionable origin, everyone is a suspect in this thrilling and humorous whodunit. Join us for a night of intrigue, laughter, and suspense as you try to solve the murder mystery of Murder Most Elite.

Actress, Kristen Wilson, sat down for an interview about her acting process, the murder mystery genre as a whole, and Murder Most Elite.

A Q&A with actress, Kristen Wilson

  1. How long have you been acting for the Murder Mystery Dinner Train?

I have been on the train for about a year and a half, it's been lots of fun!

  1. What makes the Murder Mystery Dinner Train different from other types of shows?

It is a completely different dynamic which is really fun. You actually get to interact with people and have fun with them. In other types of live theater, you don't. It's so one-dimensional. The Murder Mystery Train allows me to play and have fun!

  1. Who are you playing in Murder Most Elite? What are they like?

Lady Kildonan–she's such a fun character! She thinks that she is just the be-all, end-all to everything. She didn't come from money, but she has certainly worked her way up. One of her lines talks about leaving her Bohemian existence to marry the King of Bohemia. She is a character who has struggled, has made it, and will do anything to stay where she is now type of person.

  1. What is your process for preparing for a role? Does it differ for different roles?

I try to come up with a background for the character's life, and really try to understand how the character interacts with others in the script so I can understand how the character thinks. Is she snobby, is she funny, sexy, sassy, etc.?

  1. These characters are based on characters from the Sherlock Holmes world. Who is your favorite character from Sherlock Holmes?

I don't know that I have a favorite...when I was younger I read a lot of Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes-type mystery stories and I just loved the mysteries. What character I was following didn't really matter.

  1. If you had to pick between Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, or the Hardie Boys, who are you picking?

Nancy Drew.

Girl Power!

  1. If you had to align yourself with one archetype within the Murder Mystery genre, what would it be?

I have been playing a lot of very proper, uptight types of characters, but I really like to do the comedic, goofball character as well. Either fits me well, but if I had to choose, I would pick a comedic character.

This would likely fall under the Enthusiast archetype.

  1. Say you're hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Who from the genre are you inviting?

Let's see–I would have to have someone brainy and someone who is just goofy/funny/obnoxious. I definitely love seeing how into the Mysteries kids get when they visit the train. I think a good mix of people makes the dynamic more interesting and all the more fun.

  1. How would you describe your ideal murder mystery? What would you want to happen?

It's probably set in the 50s, I just really like that era. Probably a lot of military guys, nurses, post-WWII type setting. I would want it to have aspects of love lost and love found, who killed who to be with the one they love. You could do a lot of different things with that!

  1. Is there any insight you can give to future audience members of Murder Most Elite?

Just come ready to have fun and laugh! Pay attention to every little line because it's all in the details...

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